Range of services

Didactic and dissemination activities

Lectures, training sessions, lectures, creation of scientific and popular science articles, presentation of results at scientific conferences

Analyzes / Laboratory

Crop risk assessment based on soil, substrate and plant analyzes, with particular emphasis on nematodes


Research works, pilot laboratory, field and covered experiments, testing the effectiveness of preparations against nematodes and other pests

Are you fighting fungal diseases and the results are unsatisfactory?

You do not see the pest and the applied plant protection products do not bring improvement?

Think, maybe you should test the soil for the presence of plant parasite nematodes!

We conduct specialized soil tests and indicate what nematodes are present in the cultivation, whether their amount requires control and how to do it. Our analyzes always contain a detailed description of the results and a proposed course of action.

We will also perform phytopathological or entomological analyzes and indicate whether and what disease complex exists in the crop.

Thanks to our experience in working on the border of entomology and phytopathology, we approach problems in the cultivation of horticultural plants comprehensively.

Often times, phytosanitary problems are the result of several factors, not just one. We are able to define them and propose an action strategy.

Only a holistic approach can improve the condition of the crop.

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